Machine Factor Technologies — is a quantitative digital assets fund

We apply machine learning techniques to deliver robust, sustainable capital growth to our clients

Our investment philosophy

We believe that a systematic, data‑driven approach is a key to deliver extraordinary investment performance. Our goal is to bring uncorrelated, absolute returns to our clients.

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    Oleksandr Proskurin

    Founder, CEO

    Oleksandr has more than 7 years of experience in the algorithmic trading and asset management industry. His expertise includes researching and implementing intraday long/short and statistical arbitrage strategies operating in options, equities, and futures markets.

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    Artem Matiash

    Co-Founder, Head of Research

    Artem has 4 years of experience in quantitative research and algorithmic trading. He was also responsible for trade execution and launching a $1 billion algorithmic trading hedge fund. Artem has extensive experience trading options and futures contracts on equity and commodity markets in high-frequency time frames.

Meet the team

We strive to achieve sound and working solutions for algorithmic trading problems in the digital assets space. As a result, our team consists of experts in various domains: computer science and applied mathematics, theoretical physics, finance, and economics.

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